Soccer League

In our house league soccer program, we prioritize the development of young players by creating an environment where the game takes center stage. Our approach revolves around controlled games ensuring that each child actively engages with soccer while building essential skills.

The foundation of our program lies in fostering a deep love and respect for the game. We believe that by immersing players in the joy of playing soccer, they develop a genuine passion that extends beyond the field. Our carefully designed matches provide a structured yet dynamic platform for honing individual skills, tactical understanding, and teamwork.

Our coaching philosophy revolves around instilling confidence in each player. We understand that confidence is the key to unlocking a player’s full potential. Through positive reinforcement, personalized guidance, and a focus on individual growth, we aim to inspire self-assurance in every participant.

Beyond the scoreline, we measure success by the smiles on our players’ faces and the camaraderie built on the field. Our house league soccer program is not just about training athletes; it’s about cultivating a lifelong appreciation for the beautiful game, where each child finds joy, respect, and confidence in every kick of the ball.

Our league runs for 10 weeks with one game each week that lasts one hour.

  • Pricing: $150 + tax


    • Price includes a jersey & a pair of soccer socks
    • Each game is 1 hour
    • League runs for 10 weeks
    • Once classes fill, the option to register for them will no longer be available. Please contact us to be added to a wait list!