About Us

After we had our first daughter, we were talking in our living room about working with kids. John had a part time job with an organization and was talking about all the ideas he had for fun activities for kids. We decided it could be a great opportunity to try running a sports class on our own. We came up with the “all sport class,” and ran it once per week in the summer in Stevensville, beginning May of 2016. Soon after, we expanded into Niagara Falls, running one all sport class on Saturday, and one on Sunday. Classes were going great, and were also growing. We ran different age groups for the all sport class, and began to run it all year round. We grew a lot from word of mouth, as well as social media. A couple years later we added soccer classes to our schedule as well. In 2022 we began our mini soccer league where we received a lot of great feedback. In the summer of 2023, our mini soccer league doubled. We currently run classes in Niagara Falls and St. Catharines, and we have been growing steadily each year. We look forward to continued growth, and have plans to expand into more nearby cities soon!

We have a passion for working with young kids, and our goal is to provide more options for kids to get involved in fun activities in their free time! We place a strong emphasis on building children's confidence in sports within a social context. Our classes not only focus on skill development, but also foster a supportive environment where kids can boost their self-esteem through positive social interactions. This approach has been integral to our success, and we are dedicated to continuing this positive impact. Being able to provide a safe space for children to learn, grow, and engage with one another is always our top priority!

John & Melissa Marino
Kiddie Sports Academy Founders