Basketball Program

Welcome to our basketball program designed exclusively for young, budding athletes! Our focus is on cultivating a love for the game while instilling essential skills. Here’s a breakdown of our drills and key areas of emphasis:

Dribbling Fundamentals:
• Drill: Cone Dribbling
• Focus: Developing ball control and hand-eye coordination through fun and engaging dribbling exercises.

Passing Precision:
• Drill: Target Passing
• Focus: Teaching accurate passing techniques to enhance teamwork and communication on the court.

Shooting Basics:
• Drill: Form Shooting
• Focus: Building a solid shooting foundation by emphasizing proper shooting form and body positioning.

Footwork Mastery:
• Drill: Agility Ladder Drills
• Focus: Enhancing agility, balance, and coordination crucial for maneuvering on the court.

Defensive Principles:
• Drill: Mirror Defense
• Focus: Introducing basic defensive skills such as footwork, hand positioning, and defensive awareness.

Teamwork and Communication:
• Drill: 3-on-3 Mini Games
• Focus: Encouraging teamwork, communication, and understanding of basic game strategies in a small-sided setting.

Game Understanding (Ages 7 - 9):
• Drill: Scrimmages with Guided Coaching
• Focus: Applying learned skills in controlled game scenarios with coaches providing guidance on decision-making.

Our program aims to foster a positive and enjoyable learning environment where young athletes not only acquire basketball skills but also develop essential life skills such as teamwork, discipline, and perseverance. Join us on this exciting journey of growth and discovery on the basketball court!

  • Pricing: $135 + tax


    • Price includes a basketball jersey
    • ​Each class is about 50-55 minutes long
    • Classes run for 8 weeks
    • Once classes fill, the option to register for them will no longer be available. Please contact us to be added to a wait list!